Eyelash Extensions are single eyelashes that are bonded to your natural lashes individually to accentuate your own natural lash line. The process is semi-permanent and involves the professional adhering of a lash extension(s) to each individual lash of your own, one by one. Eyelash extensions are tapered and come in a variety of lengths, curls, widths and colors for a fully customized look. Save time in the morning and always look fresh and awake. Maintenance on your lashes is much like having acrylic nails, and fills are typically recommended every 2-3 weeks. At Lash Indulgence, we only use premium grade adhesive and synthetic lash extensions by Borboleta Beauty, J Brand Beauty, EBL Lashes, Meraki Lashes, Lash Affair, and The Lash Professional. We also make the sheer effort to apply lash extensions on every eyelash possible, and customize to each client's desires without compromising lash health.

Eyelash Extensions:

Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions  $150 up to 2 hours - Single lash extensions are placed individually on your lashes. These lashes give a more natural look. Total of 75-100+ lashes per eye based on each individual. (This is the best option for naturally medium to thicker lashes; not the best option for naturally thin lashes)

 Hybrid (Classic & Volume) Set $180 for up to 2 hours, 45 minutes - Combination of classic and volume lashes are mixed in to create medium fullness. About 200+ lashes per eye. (Great for all lash types)

Volume Set $210 for up to 3 hours, 15 minutes - 2D-6D lashes can be made into fans and placed per lash to make lashes very full and add volume. Volume lashes can also accentuate the look of a dark lash line. Premium synthetic lashes are used in 0.06 mm & 0.07mm thickness so it will not be damaging to natural lashes. Approximately 300+ lashes per eye. (Great for naturally thin to thick lashes)

Lash Re-Fills:

Lash Re-fills are typically recommended every 2-3 weeks and require about 50% of your lash extensions. Otherwise, it will be considered a brand new set. We charge extra for work done by another lash artist from a different studio. We do not do foreign fills meaning another artist/salon’s work. A removal (if necessary) and a brand new set is recommended.

  • Classic Fills - $65 for up to 75 minutes

  • Hybrid Fill - $80 for up to 1 hour, 45 minutes

  • Volume Fill - $95 for up to 2 hours, 15 minutes

Lash Removal $25 (up to 30 minutes)

Removal of lash extensions using a special removal agent



Color, Ombre, or Glitter Lashes - $15 (10 lashes on each eye) Add a little pop of color or sparkle to your eyes just for fun, or maybe for the next music festival or that special event coming up.


Lash Lift:

Elleebana Keratin Lash Lift $100

The Keratin Lash Lift is a wonderful alternative to lash extensions and can last up to 8 weeks. Keratin conditions your lashes while increasing volume, strength and thickness, and Biotin promotes lash growth. It's suitable for short or long eyelashes, and it's formeldahyde free.  

Lash Lift Reversal $25

Relax lashes from any kinks or just from growth after a lash lift.



Brow Design $25

Brow waxing, shaping, tweezing, and fill-in with Kelley Baker brow make-up. We use hard wax which is less painful, and we use tea tree essential oil to soothe the area and prevent from breakouts. 


Mens' Brow Cleanup $15

Brow waxing and tweezing to clean up unwanted hairs in the brow area. We use hard wax which is less painful, and we use tea tree essential oil to soothe the area and prevent from breakouts. 


*Prices are subject to change without notice.