Dermaesthetics Basic Facial $75 for 60 minutes Basic facial with Dermaesthetics signature clinical cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, mask, facial massage, Oxygen Hydra Mist, serum, followed by moisturizer & EGF UV sunscreen. Great for all skin types.

30% AHA Pumpkin Enzyme Peel $85 for 60 minutes A 30% formulation of Glycolic & Lactic Acid to provide deep exfoliation for the skin allowing acids to effortlessly penetrate clogged pores and assist in cell proliferation. The benefits of this treatment is it exfoliates surface cells, binds moisture to skin, softens appearance of fine line/wrinkles, minimizes appearance of hyperpigmentation, improves skin texture, and helps destroy surface area bacteria. Great for All skin types.

Dermaesthetics Level 1 Active Enzyme Peel $95 for 75 minutes Instant results with effective exfoliation. Functions of this facial are improvement of skin texture, gives skin a brighter appearance, improvement of congested pores, & reduces appearance of fine lines. For maximum results without invasiveness, Dermaesthetics Level 1 Professional treatments incorporate alpha and beta hydroxy acids with natural, organic, and active ingredients to target multiple skin concerns at once. Great for mature skin, congested skin, dehydrated skin, and hyperpigmentation.

Diamond Microdermabrasion $110 for 60 minutes Virtually painless alternative to traditional chemical and laser peels. Microdermabrasion is a quick, safe, and effective form of exfoliation with no downtime or pain and discomfort. It is performed with a diamond-encrusted applicator tip in which passes over the skin’s surface and creates a gentle vacuum. The diamond tip gently exfoliates approximately 20-25 microns of dead skin cells of the outermost layer of the skin. Once removed, it reveals fresher, younger looking skin beneath. One Microdermabrasion treatment is equal to three 30% Glycolic Peels or one 70% Peel. This treatment is meant to be progressive not aggressive. Generally results are more noticeable after the third treatment. However, after the first session the skin will appear fresher, cleaner, smoother, and softer for some clients. A typical course of treatment is a series of six Microdermabrasion sessions. Maintenance treatments are suggested once every one to one and a half months. Great for all skin types.

*Prices are subject to change without notice